Sportsbook Management


Whatever your sportsbook needs, you’re covered. We can take care of the entire betting lifecycle for you—everything from event creation, pricing and settlement, to live risk management. So you can become more efficient and boost your profit.

The most flexible way to create odds.

Tap into our range of fully or partially outsourced services and offer your customers exciting bets across all major sports from every corner of the globe.

With the sharpest pricing on the market and game-changing innovations, you can rely on our dedicated team of over 400 traders to take your sportsbook to the next level.


A world of live odds awaits

InPlay Manager

Bring your sportsbook to life with InPlay Manager, the world’s leading live odds service.

There’s a reason we’re trusted by over 150 of the world’s largest sportsbooks – InPlay Manager is proven to keep profits rising whatever the sport or market.

Our coverage includes all sports and hundreds of pre-match bet types.

Rely on global expertise and customer support in Europe and the Americas.

Keep an eye on the competition with our market monitoring service.

Fine-tune your settings to adapt trading strategy in real-time.

Power your sportsbooks with hundreds of thousands of fixtures

Offer the widest range of fixtures on the market – across all major sports. Your customers will always have something to bet on, whatever they’re into.

All odds are compiled and traded by our in-house team, so you can focus on what you do best. We help you keep better tabs on competitors’ pricing, giving you the edge to stay on top.

PreMatch Manager

Our coverage includes all sports and hundreds of pre-match bet types.

Rely on global expertise and customer support in Europe and the Americas.

Keep an eye on the competition with our market monitoring service.

Supercharge your in-play

Give your trading team access to the fastest, most accurate and reliable sports feeds on the market.

Our official data collection in partnership with over 300 sports leagues means you can have 100% faith in what’s powering your prices.

Live Sports Data

Hundreds of data points from over 250,000 live games per year

Offer an optimum in-play experience by keeping markets and cash-out features open longer, eliminating bet delays and settling bets faster.

Our Live Sports Data is trusted by more than 150 licensed sportsbook and trading firms.

All of our data is captured at pitch or courtside to guarantee maximum speed.

Each of our statisticians are highly trained so you can shape the sharpest prices with confidence.

We only collect data on fixtures where we’re authorised to. Robust technology makes our feeds the most trustworthy on the planet.

Live data to your trading console in less than one second.

In-stadia Collection
by 7,000+ accredited statisticians

Instant Verification

Betgenius Trade Console

Less than one second


Find out about the finest sports data on the planet.

Bring In-play to life

Our live streaming service gives you thousands of fresh fixtures from competitions around the world.

Offer a more engaging experience right around the clock with handpicked content that will drive engagement and bet placement at off-peak times.

Thousands of streams captured direct from in-venue.

Events across multiple continents and time-zones.

Getting up and running with fast, easy-access API integration.

High quality official data available on all fixtures.

Maximise your revenues with tailor-made risk management

Risk & Customer Profiling

We’ll monitor, manage, and control your sportsbook liabilities, so you’ll always be in safe hands. By improving the way you handle risk and identify threats, revenues will only go one way - up.

Make sure risk is covered with trading strategies that are flexible to fit your needs.

Reduce manual input and increase accuracy with automated decision-making.

Analyse deeper levels of customer data in real-time, so you can give better service.

Give your customers more control

When players are inspired, they bet. BetBuilder lets your customers create the exact accumulator they want, all within a single game. Not only do your players stay gripped, but your profits will look pretty good too.


Offer unmatched betting and market combinations.

Plug in an intuitive interface that’s easy to use.

Set sharp pricing that puts you ahead of the field.

Get up and running quickly with a simple integration.